Laser or Inkjet printer?

Every time you think about buying a new printer the question is always there: Should I buy a laser printer or a inkjet printer? About fifteen or twenty years ago there was a wide gap in price between lasers and ink jet printers. The laser printer was a lot more expensive. Today the price difference is very small.

When it comes to printing black and white text pages, laser printing is unbeatable. The print speed and the print quality is hard to match for any other printer.

When it comes to printing images in color the ink jet printer is the better choice. Color laser printers printers prints really nice photos but if you want top quality the ink jet is the right choice.

Summary: Still the laser printer is the best choice for printing text and the ink jet printer is the best choice for photography. The color laser is catching in on the ink jet though both when it comes to price and photo printing quality. Generally speaking laser printers often are the better choice for the office for printing text documents and ink jets are better for home users that prints photos.


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